Microwave Drawers | Buying Guide and Reviews

A microwave drawer is a built-in oven that can be fixed within the reachable length of your kitchen. This is an ideal kitchen appliance for people who are finding it difficult to accommodate the appliance on a suitable platform as pointed out in some microwave drawer reviews.  When the appliance is fitted under the counter, you don’t have to compromise on the quality and features that most of these latest models would offer you.  However, a microwave drawer does not offer a convection featured oven. This limitation might be a deal breaker for some, but there are enough options with the latest technological incorporations that a microwave drawer oven can do for you in the kitchen.

Operation wise, a drawer-type oven has other advantages. Once the drawer is opened, you can do the required stirring or flip the food items. The best microwave drawer is stylish in design and rich in features. If you don’t need a convection oven, then a drawer microwave oven is the best suitable kitchen appliance for your needs. When the kitchen is crowded with many appliances, such as a blender, a coffee pot, a food processor etc., an underneath fixable drawer-type oven provides a neat and elegant look to your kitchen. Before you design your cabinet, take the measurement of the drawer microwave oven, so that you can be sure that the appliance will fit very well under the counter.

Many leading companies offer a beautiful range of microwave drawers. They are stylish and come with various power options. Most of them have touch pad operations systems and control panels. The push and pull handles are beautifully designed and easy to handle in all models. There is a variety of color choices available that best match with your cabinets. Full stainless steel options are also available with some of the best microwave drawer brands.  Since these ovens are designed to take care of all the functions of a conventional microwave oven, it definitely contributes a lot to an organized appearance for your kitchen.

The microwave drawer perfectly performs all functions of a conventional microwave oven.  Many microwave owners use the oven just for reheating and defrosting food. For limited use, these drawer-type ovens are convenient. The concept of drawer-type microwaves has helped improve the decorative features of the kitchen without compromising on the functional abilities of the microwave oven. A careful study of microwave drawer reviews will guide you in deciding on the best featured oven that suits your requirements.

#1 Best Microwave Drawer

Sharp KB-6524PS